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Job Posting Free & Paid Service

Advertise Jobs on has 400,000+ Registered Job Seekers searching for work in Gulf countries or from abroad. Showcase your company vacancies on such a active platform to get right talented candidates who are asking for reasonable salaries and available immediate to join your work force.

Free Job Posting

We understand that you want to try our service first before you can upgrade to paid premium services. Hence we are here to assist you by receiving responses on your behalf in our email and forward the CVs to you in our Free Job Posting Service.

Paid Job Posting

If you wish to receive all CV Responses direct on your Email Address or Whatsapp Number or Organise Walk In Interviews at your Location, then please subscribe to Paid Job Posting Service for 1 month.

Single Job Posting - 1 Vacancy - AED 126

Five Job Posting - 5 Vacancies - AED 525

Ten Job Posting - 10 Vacancies - AED 945

Alert Job Seekers by Email

If you are organising Walk In Interview or want to alert all Job Seekers on your Job Posting, just buy this add on Email Alert Service for each relevant vacancy.

Alerts to Job Seekers by Email - AED 350

Document Requirements

Please note that our HR Team may request to provide your Company Trade License, Company Profile, Location Map or Ministry of Labour Company Registration Card or Labour Quota Approval to activate your job postings.

Free Job Posting on

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Mr. Anup Bhatia

HR Consultant

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