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We are notifying all our registered Gulf based Employers to view and download latest highlighted CV’s on Gulfjobseeker.com to give your profile better viewage and generate more interview responses for our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get my CV noticed?

2. I keep applying to jobs but dont get response.

3. How to get your Resume Noticed Indeed?

4. How to get your resume noticed when applying online?

5. How to get your resume past computer screening tactics?


Answer from HR Consultant

Well we have created this CV Display and Highlight Service only for you.


Portal Service Charges for 1 Year Display

Highlight your CV on Gulfjobseeker.com for 1 Year (USD 30 / AED 110)

* Click the links to pay online by Credit / Debit Card.

* Use Money Exchange to Transfer direct to Bank Account

WhatsApp +971505657275 to get Bank Account Details for transfering payment and after making payment to get your CV Display Activated.


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