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Customer Service Policy

Our Commitment to You as our Customer

• We will treat you with courtesy, respect and a smile.
• You will receive high standards and fair service.
• We will cater to your needs professionally and to the best of our ability.
• We will provide services through helpful and knowledgeable team that is understanding and capable of answering your query.
• We will provide you with service requirements, realistic expectations and completion times for each service.
• You will be attended to in a timely manner.
• We will reduce the number of steps required to complete a service in the easiest and most efficient manner.
• We will provide you with accurate information and error-free service.
• We will provide you with a multi-channel service and ensure that we serve at your convenience, whenever possible.
• We will welcome your feedback and suggestions to serve you better.

Your Commitment to Us as our Customer

• You will speak in clear English Language with our team which they can understand.
• You will follow the instructions provided by our team to provide you service.
• Appreciate efforts of the staff at your service and treat them with respect.
• That you will not misbehave or issue threats or indulge into actions which can hurt others.
• Provide the supporting documents required to provide you service.
• Inform us immediately changes to information provided or in case of error noted.
• Inform us immediately of any changes that may affect service provision.
• Respond in timely manner to staff queries to ensure timely quality service.
• Allow our team to work on your requests by providing enough time to them.
• You will remunerate for services rendered as per agreed service rates and clear dues.
• You will respect the service terms agreed by you on subscribing services.

Feedback or Support

To feedback or suggestions message us on Whatsapp +971505657275


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