Human Resource Consulting Service in Dubai, UAE

HR Consulting Service

Human Resource Consulting Service in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Get your CV Profile Assessed.

Know what type of jobs are available as per your profile.

What salary you can expect from the Gulf employers?

How you can improve your CV Presentations?

What are your chances to get job success?

Meet with our HR Consultant and take expert advice.

HR Consultant

Anup P Bhatia

Mr. Anup P Bhatia

Human Resource Consultant
Certified by American University Dubai UAE.

PGDHR, B.Com & Certified Resume Writer

In service and practice since year 2002.

Placed 7,000+ Professionals in Gulf Countries.

Personally witnessed thousands of interviews.

Expert in Digital Marketing Strategy building.

Market Researcher and Expert Resume Writer.

Service Benefits

Benefits of Human Resource Consulting Service

Get advice from HR Consultant on following topics.

Know how is the Gulf Job Market?

Which Job Search Strategies you should adopt.

Know what to write on your CV.

Know what is the right salary to demand.

How to face difficult questions in interview.

Service Fees

Human Resource Consulting Service Fees in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Our Service Fees is based on your profile level.

Our experts will provide advice from experience.

Minimum HR Consulting Fees is AED 100 for 1 hour.

Fees can be paid at our office in cash or online.

Book your Appointment with our HR Consultant.

Book Appointment

Book Appointment for Human Resource Consulting Service in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Human Resource consultation is done in person or online.

To get correct advice register your CV in

Provide your Resume & Certificates for Assessment.

Note down all your queries in advance before your visit.

Please visit on time for your Human Resource Consultation.

CV Assessment

CV Assessment Service in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Mention your job target and interest to consultant.

Assessing your CV Presentation is part of HR Consultation.

You will receive guidance on CV improvements needed.

Discuss issues with your layout and content quality.

Understand what is ATS and latest digital resume.

Know how to make CV as per Gulf Market Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of career counseling?
It helps to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses of a candidate.
It identifies career choices according to persons interest.
It provides Career Support and Guidance.
Helps in setting goals for better employment results.

What is the purpose of career counseling in Gulf Job Search?
The goal of Career Counseling through a Human Resource Consultant
is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now,
but to give you the knowledge and market insights or
skills you may need to make future career planning
and help increase your salary at work.

What is the role of HR Consultant?
A Human Resources Consultant is a qualified professional
who leads HR programs and projects, conducts research to identify issues,
and provides advice and recommendations for resolving daily HR challenges.
They formulate strategic plans, assist in recruitment and training.